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High Quality Designer Perfume Oils

Scientifically proven and tested generic oil based perfumes of all world renowned designer brands.

Welcome To Café Cologne

Café Cologne is situated in the “Diamond City”, Kimberley, South Africa. We are suppliers of high quality oil based perfumes, that are imported directly from Grasse, France and Europe. Our designer perfume oils are the generic equivalent to the original brands.

What is this oil based perfumes all about? First up, let me say this is NOT for those who are willing to pay 100’s or 1000’s of rands for a bottle of perfume. If that is you reading this, please don’t read further. This is ONLY for those people, like me, who LOVES to smell great without putting a hole in their pockets. If you share the same feeling, then you cannot afford to miss this offer!

Cafe Cologne, Oil Based Perfumes KimberleyChoose from a wide variety of popular MALE designer perfume oils. Experience a confidence booster and smell amazingly great. Get yours today…

Cafe Cologne, Sell perfumes from homeLooking for an opportunity to sell perfumes from home? Cafe Cologne offers you an irresistable opportunity to earn an extra R1000 to R6000 per month….

Cafe Cologne, Oil Based Perfumes KimberleyChoose from a wide variety of popular FEMALE designer perfume oils.     These fragrances will let you feel refreshed and energized. Get yours today…


With our proven and tested oil based designer perfume oils, inspired by the original fragrances, you will have the satisfaction of feeling ENERGIZED, REFRESHED and REVITALIZED.

We not just giving you an INCREDIBLE bottle of perfume, we are giving you the opportunity to stand out in the crowd, to feel confident about yourself, to attract attention and to smell fresh – GUARANTEED.

Our customers are saying that they are literally receiving compliments from random people.

buddies recommending US

"Cafe Cologne makes me smell good, and when I smell good I feel good. It makes me feel confident automatically. I feel like I can conquer the day when having on my favourite scent."
Perfume Oils Kimberley, Cafe Cologne Testimonial
Staci-Rose Irwin
"Perfume lasts long and it's affordable... I will recommend it to all."
Perfume Oils Kimberley, Cafe Cologne
Joey Atwell

Still not convinced?… Here are 9 reasons why you must have a bottle of our perfume oils

  • Perfumes are high quality
  • It’s long lasting
  • Great for men and women
  • It will boost your confidence
  • You will attract attention
  • Your mood will be improved
  • You will smell amazingly fresh
  • People will love being around you
  • 3 Day Money Back Guarantee

smell fresh & feel good

Experience your most memorable moments with our designer perfume oils

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