About Us

The Journey.

Café Cologne was established in Kimberley during February 2017 by Garth and Elize Jacobs. But this is not where our story began as people who are passionate about perfumes.

It all began about 20 years ago, when my husband, Garth bought his first bottle of perfume, Tommy Hilfiger. He worked as a Porter at Kimberley Hospital earning a very low salary. His opinion of perfume changed forever. He realized then that you are not fully dressed without the feel and elegance of your favorite fragrance.

However he could not always have his favorite fragrance as he earned a low salary and the prices of the original designer perfumes was expensive. And so the journey began… He started seeking out alternative generic oil based perfumes that could give him the same feel of freshness and elegance that his first bottle of Tommy Hilfiger gave him.

And lo and behold, to his surprise he found an alternative. He met a friendly guy in the parking area of Kimberley Hospital, dressed in a fancy men’s suit, that was going all around Kimberley selling these generic oil based perfumes, at an affordable price and that smelt similar to the original designer fragrances.

And this brought another big shift for his passion for perfumes. He calls it, “an extension of my passion for perfumes”. After a few years of buying and enjoying these generic designer perfume oils, he not only wanted to buy them he also developed a passion for wanting to sell them and give others the opportunity to smell great at an affordable price.


In December 2016, after much seeking and inquiry, we were on holiday, when we walked into a fragrance shop. As we walked in, our senses were gripped by the perfume smell that filled the shop. The smell was alluring. Holiday goers from all around South Africa were walking in and out of this shop buying these generic oil based perfumes from a friendly French speaking guy.

Immediately we started chatting with him about his perfumes. The staff was all friendly and was willing and excited to share with us about the quality and significance of the designer perfume oils that they were selling. They excitingly explained to us how that all their perfume oils were sourced all across France and Europe. 

A business relationship was immediately established and Café Cologne was birthed…. From this relationship many other business relationships were formed.

……and we are living happily ever after!!!